May 2019 - Polish Heritage Day

Saturday 4th May 2019


A fantastic day of dance, song, food and other items of Polish heritage were part of a very successful Polish Heritage Day held at Hummersnott Academy. Nearly 400 people attended including the Mayor of Darlington, Councillor Veronica Copeland and the Polish Vice Consul, Monika Rusiecka, who travelled from Manchester. It began with the entrance of the Polish Flag followed by a great rendering of the Polish National Anthem. Fantastic performances of song and dance from the large contingent of children, and musical interludes on the piano by some of the children were delightful. Gill and I along with the Mayor and other invited guests took part in a traditional Polish Folk dance which was extremely enjoyable. The food was great - Polish sausages, soup, bread and other national dishes were plentiful and really tasty. All in all a great day of celebration with our wonderful Polish friends who have settled in and made a great contribution to our Town. Fantastic event organised by Polish Saturday School in Darlington.

Report by Tom Nutt


Veronica Copeland, Monika Rusiecka, Tom Nutt, Gill Nutt, Lukasz Samek, Patrycja Dragon, Anna Urbanowicz, Maja Urban, Monika Sarnicka, Marta Palczynska, Ewelina Mozdyniewicz, Aneta Zlotek, Izabela Marcinkowska, Sylwia Wasowicz, Anna Dragan, Izabela Toczyska, Monika Tylec, Jagoda Wieckiewicz, Natalia Trzeciecka, Aleksandra Toczyska, Adam Biernat, Julianna Urbanowicz, Anna Czarnul, Pawel Wasowicz, Zbigniew Krawiec, Justyna Dziadula, Marzena Mikulska-Krawiec, Piotr Urban, Danuta Dziadula, Rafal Dragon, Marek Dziadula, Robert Dragan, Wojtek Klaus, Marzena Zielaskowska, Iwona Panus, Ela Kopczynska, Marlena Pawelec, Pawel Pytko, Katarzyna Joszki



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