June 2018- Citizens visit to Amiens

Wednesday 13th Jun 2018

Travelling with Hodgsons coaches we left Darlington at 0630 on Wednesday 13th June arriving at The Ibis Cathedrale Hotel Amiens at 2000. On Thursday we did a Battlefield Tour, first visiting the underground War Museum at Albert, then on to the Thiepval Memorial where many of us were able to see names of our relatives who died and whose bodies were never found, and finally we visited the Locnagar Crater where miners tunelled and buried 6000lbs of explosives, which were detonated on those above. Friday some went to the House of Jules Verne, a resident of Amiens, and others visited the Hortinollages,- floating gardens - and the Little Venice district of St Leu. At 4pm we all gathered in the Town Hall where the Re-Affirmation of Friendship and Co-operation was signed by dignitaries of both towns. Darlington and Amiens have links back to 1953 when the first exchange took place, and it was thought this was a suitable time to commit to continued friendship and co-operation in these uncertain times in Europe. We then attended the opening of the Fete Dans la Ville by Mayor Brigette Foure and President Alain Gest. Saturday was the main day of the Fete and was spent wholly in Amiens. Sunday morning we all watched the river procession of boats from the floating gardens, where those taking part were in traditional dress bringing their fruit and vegetables for sale on the quayside. At 1230 we left for the Calais ferry, and after a couple of lengthy delays arrived back in darlingto at 2330.

Amiens Participants; Mayor Brigette Foure  President Alain Gest  Stephanie Dapsance  Tristan Montigny and others at the signing of the agreement reception.

Darlington Participants;  Davis Lyonette  Helen Crumbie  Bill and Lynn Dixon Veronica and Dave Copeland  Tom and Gill Nutt  Sandra Dashwood  Hugh Adams  Kath Vernon  Allan Wilson  Alan and Dawn Nutt  George and Helen Armstrong  Margaret Ellison  Jenny Reid  Gerald and Ruth Lee  Michael and Ann Newson  Jean Copeland  Stephen Liddle  Graham Liddle  Pauline Liddle  Alan and Angela Holmes  Malcolm and Stephanie Hall  Glennis Wallace  Howard Wilson. Andy ( Coach driver ).


Report by Tom Nutt.

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